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Universal Holidays Inc. (UHI), is proud to have a team of travel experts with decades of professional experience coming from various fields in the travel and tourism industry. Our well-trained Travel Counselors are empowered to address all your travel needs. UHI is a duly accredited full service Travel Agency with a strong network and outstanding partnerships with national and private organizations to support the overall aim of developing Philippine tourism and increasing tourist arrivals in the country.

For all other travel service inquiries and booking requests, please call these numbers:
(02) 859-3827, 859-3828, 859-3829
or send us an email through

UHI has a number of Japan tours to choose from. Cannot find the one you want? Tell us what
you want to see and do in Japan, and maybe, our next tour will be based on your suggestions!
Other places of interests are welcome, where is your dream destination? We can create your
dream vacation, let UHI be your travel partner in Japan and in other parts of the world!
It's more fun in the Philippines