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Japan Visa Update (as of Aug. 2021)

As of August 10, 2021, Japan Embassy is now accepting visa applications for DEPENDENTS.

* This applies to those who wish to bring together their families, since they are in a separate situation due to the effects of COVID-19. Documents required for the application are as shown on the website of the Japan Embassy.


As of date, the following visa applications are now being accepted:

  1. Spouse of Japanese National 
  2. Spouse of Permanent Resident 
  3. Long-Term Resident (Except Notice no.3) 
  4. For “Education/Professor” status, those who have a document from the host institution/organization, that shows there is a vacancy position and it is necessary to enter the country in order to solve the situation that it is difficult to carry out the educational activities of the institution without the supplement, will be required (free written format). 
  5. Medical Stay 
  6. Certificate of Eligibility with description of 1584 in Red font 
  7. Former Permanent Residents whose re-entry permit (including special re-entry permit) has expired and need to travel to Japan urgently 
  8. Official/Diplomat Visa 
  9. Visas for humanitarian consideration or urgent need (Depends on the content of application) 

Above application category 1-6 requires Certificate of Eligibility. For those whose Certificate of Eligibility has passed the validity period of 3 months, please see guidelines posted on Japan Embassy website

*Category nos. 8-9 are as same as before.
*It is to be expected that the processing and issuance of visa will take longer than usual.

Please note that other type of applications (short-term business, tourism, employment, entertainment, student/study, technical intern trainings except for nos. 4 & 5 above), will still not be accepted until further notice.

There are no changes with handling for documents relating to COVID-19 such as Negative Certificate of Test Result, Written Pledge (individual), and Questionnaire.

As we still prioritize everyone's safety, we HIGHLY encourage all applications to go through our online platforms or book your consultations via our online appointment system.

For more information, contact our Japan Visa Experts at:
japanvisa@universalholidays.com | 0917 634 2158 | 0917 634 4950

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