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uhi corporate travel
UHI offers corporate travel management and gives structure to facilitate your business travel. This includes planning a business trip, organizing a corporate event, or any other travel-related arrangement requirements for the corporate traveler. UHI ensures that the process is handled properly, according to the company compliance without jeopardizing business productivity.

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+63 9175260270 | corpsales@universalholidays.com
Manage Travel Itinerary
Optimizing your schedule so you can focus on your business then relax later

Land Arrangements
Established strong relationships with hotels and transfer providers

Event Management
Bringing people together in a professional and cost-effective manner

Policy Compliance
Effectively meeting client demands & requiements within means

why BIG COMPANIES trust us
Reduce Cost
UHI negotiates the best possible deals for your company.

UHI ensure your company travels safely while adhering to all relevant corporate policies.

Time Management
UHI organizes your trip so you can focus on your business.

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