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Frequently Asked Questions - Requirements

Determine the purpose of your stay in Japan then check the list of requirements for the specified category/purpose (Tourist, Visit Relatives, Commercial Purpose, etc.) of your travel (on our website). Additional documents which are not included on the list may be asked upon assessment.

The correct photo size is 4.5cm x 3.5cm with white background. Wearing of eyeglasses, hat or scarf on the head is not allowed. Photo must be taken within six (6) months. Digital photo is not accepted. (You may refer to photo requirement guidelines at the VISA entrance or in our website)

You may download the application form on our website under Sample Forms, on the website of Japan Embassy or you can get it from the Visa entrance of the Embassy or from any accredited travel agency.

Yes, there is only one (1) visa application form for all types of visa. However, for applications for extension for re-entry permit, a different application form must be used. You may download both forms on our website under "Sample Forms"

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