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Japan Visa Update (as of Nov. 08, 2021)

Starting November 08, the Japan Embassy will accept applications for the following visa:

1. Spouse of child of Japanese
2. Spouse of Permanent Resident
3. Long Term Residents
    For COE with No. 3 status:
    a. Case of below 19 years old whose father of mother living in Japan has “any status of residence”
    b. Case of above 20 years old whose father or mother living in Japan has “permanent visa”

4. COE - Commercial Purpose: (e.g. student, technical intern training, special skilled worker, professor / instructor, etc.)
5. COE - Dependent Status
6. Commercial Visa (short-term)
7. Diplomat / Official Visa
8. Visiting Relatives Visa (short-term)
    a. When relative in Japan is “Japanese” or Permanent Resident” - for applicants within second degree of kinship only (e.g. spouse, parent, children, sibling, grandparent, grandchildren)
    b. When relative in Japan is “Long-term Resident” - for applicants within first degree of kinship only (e.g. spouse, parent, children)

9. Visa for humanitarian consideration or urgent need
10. Former permanent residents whose re-entry permit has expired and need to travel to Japan urgently (including special re-entry permit)

Above no. 1-5 category requires Certificate of Eligibility. Other types of visa not mentioned on the above list, such as Tourist visa, is still not accepted until further notice.

Additional Notice on New Documentary Requirement for Visa Applications

Effective November 08, all accepted visa applications for commercial, non-commercial and other cases for Long-term resident category no. 3, will need to submit a Screening Certificate.

Prior to applying for a visa, the receiving Japanese host (company, organization, school, etc.) must contact the relevant ministry or agency that have jurisdiction over the business of the host organization and obtain a Screening Certificate in advance.

As we still prioritize everyone's safety, we HIGHLY encourage all applications to go through our online platforms or book your consultations via our online appointment system.

For more information, contact our Japan Visa Experts at:
japanvisa@universalholidays.com | 0917 634 2158 | 0917 634 4950



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Japan Visa Updates November 2021
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