We are now accepting!! Certificate of Eligibility for Working, Interns, Students and Short term Visa for Commercial & Visiting Relatives

We would like to inform you about the operations with visa applications (expansion of scope of acceptance) from here onwards based on the measures announced on Feb. 24, 2022, related to the entry and visa of foreign nationals as follows:

1.Short-term stay for commercial purposes (less than 3 months), excluding tourism purpose

2.Long-term stay for commercial purposes (with Certificate of Eligibility)

 Note: The companies or organization inviting the foreign national for employment/business purpose is required to register through “Entrants, Returnees Follow-Up System (ERFS)” and obtaining the Certificate for Completion of Registration before applying for the visa.

3.Visiting relatives of:

a.Spouse Japanese and Permanent residents in Japan – 1st and 2nd degree

b. Long Term Resident - relatives within 1st degree

c.* Status other than (a) and (b) (ex. SOFA Status)

d.* Emergent/Humanitarian purpose

Note: Each case needs to provide documents to prove relationship with the inviter, as well as a letter and proof of documents to prove the necessity of travel to Japan



The accepted visa application categories without special restrictions are the following:

1. COE Spouse or Child of Japanese National

2. COE Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident

3. Official / Diplomat (if with COE)


Below visa categories can only be accepted if they can present a letter and documents that proves their necessity to travel:

1. COE Long term resident (No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6 and No.7)

2. Certificate of Eligibility with “1584” status

3. COE Dependent

4. COE Designated Activities (limited to: No.7, No.18, No.19, No.23, No.24, No.30, No.31, No.38, No.45 and No.47)

5. Visa for house servant hired by Official/Diplomat

6. Official / Diplomat (if short-term stay)


For visa assistance or inquiries:

japanvisa@universalholidays.com | +63 917 634 2158 or +63 917 634 4950

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