Your Guide in Using Japan Airport Limousine Bus Ticket

Japan is every traveler’s dream destination – with so many places to visit and culture to experience. Traveling to the land of sakura, anime, and tea ceremonies is exciting, but planning for the trip could be quite overwhelming. If you want to save time and have a comfortable experience on your first and last day in Japan, you may want to get an airport limousine bus ticket.

Japan airport limousine bus

What is Airport Limousine Bus?

Airport limousine bus is the most convenient and cheapest way to travel to and from Tokyo in style as you can avoid the hassle of carrying your luggage when riding public transport. Unlike any other airport bus shuttles, you can enjoy soft seats, wide legroom, WiFi and huge baggage capacity while you bask in the scenic ride on the way to the city or back to the airport. This bus service is available at Narita and Haneda International Airport.

getting a Japan airport limousine bus ticket

Where to Get Airport Limousine Bus Ticket?

You may purchase your bus ticket in advance at Universal Holidays. You have to provide your flight and hotel details to check the availability of schedule and if your accommodation is accessible by the limousine bus as there are selected hotels only for pick up and drop off. Travel consultants will give you options that will be most convenient for your trip. There are 3 types of voucher to choose from: one way journey voucher, return voucher (roundtrip) and multi voucher (4 single journey or 2 roundtrip tickets).

Japan airport limousine bus

How to use or ride on Airport Limousine Bus?


  • Proceed to the Friendly Airport Limousine Bus Service Counter at the Arrival Hall.
  • Exchange your bus voucher into a Boarding Ticket and inform the clerk at the Airport Limousine Bus Service Counter of your destination drop off. The clerk will advise on what is the next departure time bound to your destination and specific Bus Stop Number.
  • Wait in line at the specific Bus Stop Number and Board the designated bus bound to your destination.

     **Airport Limousine Bus operation is based on First-Come, First-Serve Basis**


  • Airport Limousine Bus operation is based on First-Come, First-Serve Basis. Reservation is highly recommended.

**If you are holding a return voucher, it is recommended to book your return ride at the Airport Limousine Service Counter upon your arrival. Otherwise, reservation must be made at least a day in advance at Bell Desk of your hotel or by calling the Reservation Center of Airport Limousine directly. Hand the voucher to the clerk of Bell Desk upon departure.**

Enjoy the most out of your Japan trip and let the travel experts help you with the planning! If you want to get more information or purchase your airport limousine bus ticket, you may send an email at

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