What You Should Know Before Traveling To Japan In 2022

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Traveling around Japan is nowhere near how it once was. Though perhaps you’re used to hearing about the complexities of getting around the country, recent developments have made it a little easier. The travel ban that was extended to February is expected to have changed as we enter March.

Here’s what you should expect (and what you shouldn’t) when visiting this great country in the East.

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When is it allowed to travel to Japan in 2022?

Given the spike of Omicron, Japan has barred international and tourist travel until the end of February. But now that we’re entering March, Fumio Kishida, the prime minister, has announced that there would be changes on the country’s strict borders. 

The looser restrictions will be only applied to students, business travelers, and individuals looking to migrate. Priority will be given to those in professions that have a proven 'public benefit.' Individuals wishing to enter must be sponsored by schools or businesses, and visitors must self-isolate upon arrival.

The good part though is there is a decrease of the quarantine period from seven days to three days for anyone who has received their booster shot and has a negative test. 


Can tourists travel to Japan after February? 

Unfortunately, there is no formal announcement yet. For the time being, the Philippines is included in the list of countries that will be denied entry. But when leisure travelers are finally allowed to visit Japan, you won't be stuck in a hotel room for half of your journey.

But just like Yoshiharu Hoshino, a maverick in the hospitality industry and other sectors is staying hopeful that travel will recover soon.

The good news is you shouldn’t count out visiting Japan in a year or two because the government still aspires to reach its 2030 goal of 60 million inbound travelers.  An executive of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) confirmed this despite the wake of the pandemic. This means that you can expect a warm welcome when the ban is lifted and you can be assured of Japan’s commitment to high levels of cleanliness, safety, and hygiene.

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Preparations You Need on Visiting Japan 2022 and Beyond

  1. While we await further notice from the Japanese government to lift the ban on traveling, let's remain hopeful and excited! By the time travel bans are lifted, be prepared ahead of time and take note of the below guidelines: 
  2. A negative COVID result within 72 hours before the hour of your boarding flight. When you check-in for your flight, you'll almost probably be requested to produce proof of this, and you'll have to present it to Japanese immigration when you arrive. At this stage, only the PCR test and the CLEIA quantitative antigen test are valid tests. You might start looking into where you might obtain such a test on this schedule, including airports that offer such services.
  3. Book ahead of your quarantine stay. For those who are permitted to enter Japan, they must go through a quarantine of 14 days at home, private residence, or hotel which is subject to approval by the Government of Japan. 
  4. Download the Line messaging app in case you are required to be monitored by the Japanese government.
  5. Get fully vaccinated and booster shots (for those beyond 3 months from their second dose). While it is still unconfirmed whether they would need proof of vaccination, being prepared is better than sorry. 
  6. And lastly, don’t forget to bring safety essentials such as masks, alcohol and the like. Keep yourself safe whenever and wherever you are for an enjoyable journey!

While it’s impossible to say for sure what traveling to Japan will be like in 2022, keep your hopes up and be on the lookout for what to expect by checking www.universalholidays.com and the latest visa updates when you finally decide to travel to Japan!


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