Stunning Flower Parks in Japan

Flowers in Japan have seasonal times of blooming, may it be the famous cherry blossoms (also known as “sakura”) or other mesmerizing species of flowers, many of them are yet to be discovered and unfolded, which is why for your next travel take-off, we are delighted to compile some of the most gorgeous sites to go see flowers bloom in Japan’s spring season!

Take a look at these flower parks:

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Atami Plum Garden            
Bloom month:  Late February - Early March 2022

The plum blossom (Ume) is the flower that blooms in spring prior to cherry blossoms, signifying that the spring season has come. Its existence represents tranquility and a regal air, and strolling through the Atami Plum Garden gives a panoramic view of the Plum blossom trees, perfect for picnics and unwinding!


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Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture 
Bloom month:  Mid April - Mid May

In Tochigi Prefecture, the famous Ashikaga flower park is the place to visit to see the Wisteria festival in the spring. They are beautiful purple flowering plants which flow nicely in the wind, ideal for a dream photoshoot! It is a magnificent, mesmerizing scenery, and definitely worth visiting in order to admire its beauty.


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Tonami Tulip Park in Toyama Prefecture
Bloom month:  Mid April - Early May

The town of Tonami is one of the primary producers of tulip bulbs in Japan – with approximately two million in population, and with their three hundred variations, and different hues, it feels like being in a vibrant rainbow world! Get the most of your visit by going to the observation deck and seeing the view of the tulip fields, as well as watching live performances that showcases Japan’s creative scene.


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Hirosaki Castle Park in Hirosaki, Japan
Bloom month:  Mid April - Early May

Hirosaki Castle is an important piece of historical Japan, constructed in 1611 by the Tsugaru clan. Surrounding it are vast fields of captivating cherry blossoms, almost like it is enveloped in a sea of pink during spring. The castle grounds can also be explored, by visiting its exhibits, galleries, as well as walking around its zen style garden. It is also known as one of the most famous places to visit for cherry blossom viewing so expect its peak around spring season!


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Kuju Park in Oita, Japan
Bloom month:  Mid April - Early June

If you’re a fan of colorful, multiple varieties of flowers, then Kuju Park is the place for you! It is a wonderful destination that cultivates greenhouses and many wonderful fields as far as the eye can see. Visit Kuju Park for a glimpse into a wonderful walkway with Mount Aso as the backdrop. 


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Hitachi Seaside in Mawatari, Japan
Bloom month:  Late April - Early May

Hitachi Seaside is well-known for its aesthetically pleasing, well-maintained gardens, as well as for having a serene walking trail and bike path. It is a public park that has a multitude of attractions, including a small amusement park. However, its main attraction is definitely the nemophila blue field viewing, which is particularly prominent in the springtime.


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