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Universal Holidays Inc, Accredited Travel Agency providing Japan Visa Services

What are the requirements needed if applying for Visa?

First, you have to determine the purpose of your trip then check the list of req'ts for the specified category/purpose (Tourist, Visit Relatives, Commercial Purposes, Spouse or Child of Japanese, etc) of your travel (in our website). Add’l documents which are not included on the list may be asked upon interview.



What are the correct Visa photo size?

The correct photo size is 4.5cm by 4.5cm, white background without any hats or scarves on the head. It can be either colored or black and white. Digital photo is not accepted. (You can also get guidelines regarding the photo requirement at the VISA entrance or in our website).



Is there only one application form for all types of Visa?

Yes, there is only one application form for all types of Visa.



Where can I get the application form?

You may download the application form from the website of Japan Embassy or you can get it from the Visa entrance of the Embassy or from the accredited travel agency.



When does the Japan Embassy entertain Visa applications?

Application should be filed through accredited agencies. (Please see Japan Embassy website for the list of Agents, or get one from visa gate of the Embassy).



Do I need to submit ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS?

YES, you must submit 'complete' ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS as per the list of req’ts per type of Visa. Incomplete documents will NOT be accepted.



How will I know if I need to submit additional documents?

Your agency will advise you thru email or call if there will add’l documents needed by the Embassy. It should be submitted the soonest possible time. Applications with pending requirements only lasts for 3 months.



Can I just fax the add’l documents to the Japan Embassy?

No, You should submit the ORIGINAL documents to the agency where you submitted your initial documents.



Can I submit photocopied documents / letters?

We accept ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS only except for the following: Bank book, DTI/SEC Registration, ITR.



Can I get the ORIGINAL documents that I submitted?

We can only return the following: Bank book, DTI/SEC Registration, ITR.

Do I need to be personally present when applying for a Visa?

Not necessarily, applicants outside Metro Manila can send their applications to UHI thru courier.



Do I need personal appearance @ the Embassy of Japan?

Personal appearances are being scheduled by the Embassy. Your agency will inform you of your schedule.



Can somebody apply for a Visa on my behalf?

We encourage personal appearance in applying for a Visa. In some cases, you may send a representative (should be relatives or the applicants), for MINORs-parents or siblings, for SENIOR CITIZEN-children. They must bring a signed authorization letter from the applicant with ID and any documents to show the relationship with applicants (Birth Certificate from NSO).



I already have a US Visa, can I be exempted from the submission of requirements for a Japanese Visa?

NO, you still have to submit the complete set of requirements for a Japanese Visa.



I am travelling with minor, do I need to get anything else aside from a Visa to Japan to be able to travel with a child?

If you are travelling with minor and not a family member you need to acquire Travel Permit for Minors at DSWD.



I just came from Japan and my Visa had already expired, when can I apply again for a new Visa?

You can apply for a Visa anytime you wish.



Can I get a multiple entry Visa?

YES, provided you fulfill the qualifications and requirements for applying a multiple Visa.



Shall I apply for a Transit Visa or Tourist Visa if I'm going to stay for only a week in Japan?

Transit Visa is applicable if you will stay in Japan for at least one (1) day, normally applied if you have stop over flights. While Tourist Visa, if you are going to stay in Japan for a week upto 15 days for a vacation / leisure purposes.



My flight will stop over in Japan, should I get a Visa? What type of visa?

If you plan to stay in Japan for at least one (1) day, you have to apply for a Transit Visa.



My child is 15 y/o, can I sign for him on his Visa application form or does he need to sign it himself?

If he/she can write, please have him/her sign the application. If he/she cannot, finger prints on the designated area for signatures, or parent/legal guardian can sign on behalf of the child.

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