GET COVID-19 TRAVEL INSURANCEStay protected and confident when you travel in this time of pandemic
To be reunited with your loved ones or your passion to travel again should no longer be put to a halt when you can stay protected while in transit.
Secure a hassle-free and worry-free trip with our travel insurance 
that’s got your back in the new normal:
Travel with confidence and get up to PHP 2.5M coverage on Covid-related medical expenses.
Free yourself from worry with up to PHP 2.5M in coverage in unforeseen accidents.
avoid the hassles of airline flight cancellations with up to PHP 150K in coverage.
Terms & Conditions:
1. Any loss resulting from the following are not covered: 
    a.) Denial of entry upon arrival within itinerary whether pre-departure from origin point, in-transit at connection points, or at final destination.
b.)Change of travel decision due to fear of COVID-19 infection during pre-departure, at connecting points, or at final destination.
2. Medical expenses due to pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. are not covered.
3. Covid-19 travel insurance issuance must be made at least 3 days prior to departure date. 
Travel Details:
(example: Manila)
(example: Tokyo, Japan)
Personal Details:
(example: Juan Miguel Ramos Jr)
(example: Dela Cruz)
(example: Dec 04 1993)
Country of Issue
(example: May 03 2030)
(example: 9171234567)
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